Skin & Laser

Skin & Laser Gross Pointe, MIThe Skin & Laser Center of Grosse Pointe is a separate wing under the same roof as Ferrara Dermatology Clinic. This state-of-the art cosmetic dermatology center is dedicated to professional skin-enhancing procedures and services. What sets it apart from typical franchise operations is Dr. Ferrara’s involvement in and oversight of the center. It’s hard to overestimate the impact the doctor, a board-certified dermatologist and practicing physician, as he interacts with the staff of aestheticians, nurses and physicians. 

The level of professionalism and assurance you receive at our Skin & Laser Center exceeds that available in the “laser center chains.”  Click Here to download information sheets in PDF format on our services. Explore the links below for an overview of some of the skin rejuvenation procedures and services we offer.